Business software by design

As companies rise and grow, business needs are constantly being identified and solutions are continuously being devised to meet them. Unfortunately not all solutions are not created equal. Time and money are what is required to build any business solution and all too often inadequate ineffectual solutions are the result of what began as an effort to address a need.

Many times it is only after a solution is built and put into use that it becomes apparent the mark was missed. Worse yet, bad solutions can actually create an entirely new set of problems which require solving and complicate and/or blur the original need.

Designing easy-to-use and easy-to-understand software solutions that completely meet the original need is tricky business. At Good Doggie Software we put the focus where it belongs, communication and simplicity. We believe communication with the client is the key to developing a high quality product that completely fulfills the need, and simplicity in design is always the objective.


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Simplicity above all

This singular concept is our maxim. When it comes to computing, we believe "less is more" and that a simple solution is always better than a complex solution. Our constant underlying design motive is to always, always keep the complexity 'under the hood' and away from the user.